Local Smoked Fish

Locally-caught fresh fish. The natural, delicate, aromatic smoke of green alder wood burning steadily in the smoke-house. A perfect match. Traditional Finnish smoking methods are as elegantly minimalist as Finn architecture, using no chemicals, nitrates or liquid smoke and offering smoked-fish lovers a wonderful taste experience.

Liisa Karkkainen brings new ideas to the smoke-house, influenced by other cultures and a love of culinary diversity. In the past couple of years she’s begun producing some amazing variations on the original theme, like Salmon Jerky, a wonderful salty snack, and candied fish – chewy, salty-sweet nuggets described by one proponent as “better than chips.” Be sure to sample the next time you’re in the area.

Traditional smoked fillets and whole fish are available by the pound. Other delicious Fish Shop treats like salmon jerky and candied fish are available in smaller quantities or by the package.

We offer Smoked Whole Fish:

  • Lake Trout
  • Whitefish
  • B.C. Salmon
  • Herring

We have Smoked Trout Fillets available and other Smoked Treats:

  • Lox (7 oz )
  • Salmon Nuggets, in three flavours:
    Maple Candied
    Roasted Garlic

Please contact us for current market prices!