Finnish Foods

Finnish food is about practicality and comfort and is a favourite of many. Liisa’s connections among the local Finns have brought some of the best Finnish cooking in the area to the Shop. Between the cooler, the freezer and the bake shelf you’ll have some tough decisions to make between items like cabbage rolls, perogies and piirakka, traditional rice pies.

In addition to traditional Finn cooking you’ll find a variety of other local foods at the Shop, like the ready-to-cook stuffed trout. Great on the barbecue or roasted in the oven, these succulent whole fish are full of lemon slices, fresh dill and healthy vegetables and present beautifully for family or guests.

Cottage industry thrives in Thunder Bay and Liisa, an active member, works with some of the best producers in the area. On her shelves you’ll find farm-fresh eggs from a licenced coop nearby. Homemade preserves and pickles are kept in stock at the Shop by local ladies whose recipes have been generations in the perfecting, and you’ll also find Boreal Birch Syrup, a flavourful locally-produced alternative to maple syrup. Stop in as well for wild rice and locally-produced cheeses, breads and sweet baking.

Recently The Fish Shop has begun offering take-out Deli foods for visitors and neighbours looking for a delicious home-cooked meal on the run. If you’re planning to stop by, come hungry and enjoy a quick bite in one of our picnic areas.